Visit Wales Web Banner


One of my Interactive Media assignments were to produce an animated web banner for It had to be 1024 x 200 in size and relate around the theme of Wales, in order to promote and encourage tourism and Visit Wales’ website.


The most sensible place to begin my research was on Visit Wales website, where I would make an impression based on how they present themselves. I realised from the front page alone that they relied on a large part of interactive images and sliding banners to represent themselves and to promote Wales.

2016-04-11 (2)

Visit Wales uses their website well, using little and bold information in order to advertise and hold viewers attention, who may be browsing out of interest. They made it aesthetically pleasing, as above it is seen they rely on striking images which immediately brings Wales in to a fantasy like portrayal with a child looking at the mystical views through a tent. I immediately began to collect ideas for my web banner and was interested in using this fanciful representation to be inspired by.


It is also very easy to navigate with subheadings at the top, while the website continuously suggests places of interest depending on where you click and what activities are available. It will direct you to another part of their website filled with more information and other subheadings dividing into activities. There are consistent banners and slide shows throughout the website and they even have icons to direct you to news areas which I found to be visually professional and a simple way of keeping the audience interested.


visitwales fin.png

One of my favourite details that Visit Wales has on their website are the small symbols representing different categories of Wales. I used some of their symbols for my Mind Map so that it related to VistWales’ website, now that I was assigned to design a banner for them. Using these symbols helped me to segregate my thoughts and helped me find more Welsh Landmarks when researching.

I learnt that there was more Welsh Culture and Heritage that I knew existed such as Myths, Legends and Traditions. From my research I realised that Castles were what I wanted to continue my banner to present. I found the vast amount of history and scenery behind Welsh Castles made an excellent category to showcase for tourists.

Story Board

Initially I created the storyboard on paper, designing this on paper first I found best to sketch concepts and how I may want to present the banner when it came to animating it on Adobe Premiere.

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I then scanned the sketches in so I was able to redraw them on photoshop. Here I would present it more professionally, using images to convey my thoughts instead of loose sketches with vague annotations.

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Here I have began annotating the panels and explaining in more depths what purpose each panel serves. This was rather repetitive to explain as the images were transitioning the same and the same thing was happening but with other images. Instead I began explaining why I choose these images and how visually striking they would be to engage a viewers attention if this was on web banner.