Typography: Magazine Design

One of the tasks I were set was to create a magazine cover of a genre of my choice. I had to take a typography personality test that I would then incoperate into my magazine cover. My result was the Architype Van Doesburg which appears stretched but still defined to be able to read.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 09.21.50

The type I was given reminded me of a very retro font,  as if it was from a early gameboy console screen. It also reminded me of the futuristic predictions that occured in the 1950’s which usually were bold and appeared modernised before its time.

I downloaded the font online and placed it onto the Fontbook app which allowed it to be added to Photoshop. Because of the frequent theme that revolved around futurism I decided to do the magazine genre based on Atronomey and discoveries of space.

I based my magazine on the ”All About Space” which had reoccuring themes such as the ”DEEP SPACE | SOLAR SYSTEM | EXPLORATION” under the title. I used a complimentary font that matched the other serifed text and used white so it would be readable.

After having researched magazine layouts I realised there were more details to include to make it appear legit. Small details such as the volume number, barcode, price sticker and multiple headlines to engage the viewer. I also used several vibrant images to break up the text.

space magazine design

I am pleased with my outcome as I am confident enough that it may be mistaken to be apart of the ”All About Space” series. I’ve considered the layout and learnt how to lay text and use short, usually rhetorical questions to engage and persuade the customer to consider to buy. There are multiple images to break up the text which is an addition to the visual aesthetic space and many people are always interested about to learn. The Architype Van Doesburg font was clear to read, thought it wasn’t decorative enough for me to consider it for a heading. Despite that, it was used in the subheadings throughout the magazine.