Portfolio Cover

I was given a short period in class to design the cover for my A2 portfolio. My initial thought was to produce a design which featured blues and blacks, as these are my favourite colours.

After brainstorming ideas, I came up with the theme of Space. I chose Space as I’m interest in Astronomey and thought it would covey me and my interests well.

The cover was A3, so I had a large canvas to fill. I wanted it to appear professional and to represent myself without appearing messy or as if I had placed no effort into the design.

I used the mouse on the computer and ‘Pencil’ Tool on Photoshop to create stars and planets and creating the ring around the ‘O’ of my name. Doing this gave the appearance of Retro and Pixel Art which I am very fond of drawing in my spare time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.14.11

I thought the planets and stars added to the theme of my cover. The text I used was Orator Std which reminds me of the font I had in the”Which Typefont Are You?” test that I had used for my magazine cover. I hadn’t used that specific one as it wasn’t as clear as this one, but it still gave off the modernised vibe despite have retro pixel art surrounding the text.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.14.40

There was also a banner included which seperated the text. Adding it made it appear more professional as if it was a name tag. The folds on each side of the banner was created by making a square block, then using the clipart of a triangle to cute a whole into the square so it would be a symetrical cut.

I then decided to erase the white text and cut the shape through the banner. Cutting through to the background I find increased the professional appearance as it now gave the background a purpose.

The ‘Brush’ Tool and the ‘Shift’ key was used to create the banner. It filled the excess part of the cover but also made it appear as if the banner was wrapping around a box. I decided to keep this as it was interesting and thought added to the emptiness about the pixel art without distracting from my name.

Portfolio Caove