Material Study (Digital and Traditional)

Influenced by Alison Watt I had wanted to advance my material observation further in my spare time. I found drawing material independently was uninspiring so I based the material on clothing.

There are many things in both drawings that are evidently incorrect, both faces appear to be lacking proportion however, this was an observation on material so it wasn’t as much of a concern as it would have been for me.

In comparison, I find the digital version to be better. This is because using layers allowed me to make the illusion that the material was transparent, whereas using water colours on paper was difficult to covey the same appearance. The Digital version is also much more vibrant, giving the transparent material depth and a sense of lightness on the material.

The shading is much more coherent, using it appropriate where the light source would not appear. Unlike the traditional version where it appears throughout quite dim and difficult to fathom parts of the material towards the lower right.

In future I would definitely use a references, to make sure the person isn’t distorted as well to see other parts of the material I may have not included such as creases etc.