Game Cover Design


After I had finished designing the environment behind my Lighthouse I was  tasked to create a game cover on Photoshop. This was the first environment I had to create using Cinema 4D so I replaced a variety of the backgdrop with multiple images.

The combination of planets and sky scrapes gave a very distant furistic appearance. With the title revealing a the intentions of the game. The title ”Stranded” alone brings a very eery atmosphere, with lightening strikes emitting from behind. This suggests that the player is stranded on a socially advanced planet. Whether the civilation is peaceful is up to the player to explore during the game.

I have placed my lighthouse in the foreground to the right side of the cover. It hints that it is an important feature to the game and most likely the goal or place you will reside in throughout the exploration. The lighthouse being casted to the right doesn’t totally suggest this, however reveals the diverse landscape that can be explored in game.

The use of cover stickers, such as age and the company logo is an additional to add to the authenticity to the cover.