Climate Change Poster 2017

Today our class partook in a one-hour design challenge by being given a variety of global wide issues to make a poster for a Primary School. My envelope included the Primary school Coychurch and the theme ”Climate Change”.

Climate Change (1).png

Because I was limited on time I made the design geometric so I could fill the shapes with the bucket tool quickly and save colouring each one individually. Doing this allowed me more time to shade in the Ice and the Bear, which were the main focal subject. The geometric appearance also allowed me to easily reproduce the effect of glass shattering which would symbolise the fragility of our Earth.

The Artic is floating in space to symbolise how it is departing from us and slowly we are losing it to Global Warming.

I intentionally left a piece uncoloured in the Polar Bear to represent how we keep taking pieces of their habitat away from them; making them incomplete and signify visually how they cannot survive without their environment. It also symbolises that it is down to us to put the piece back and to restore our planet from shattering and forcing animals into extinction.