Alison Watt

artist research fabric study.png

One of our days in class involved an observational drawing based on the Artist of Alison Watt. I really enjoyed drawing material that hung from the ceiling as it gave it an interesting composition to recreate on brown-paper, Charcoal and Pencil.

I learnt the formation of folds and how to create the illusion with shading and toning of the pencil to bring out the creases in the material I was drawing.

I created a double page spread in my Sketchbook, illustrating different areas of the material that was in front of me. I decided to focus on the points where it was hanging down as there was more creases and interesting areas to draw.

On the top right, I drew a small key regarding the tones I would use and distinguish between the darkest to the lightest tones. I found this helpful as I used it as a reference while shading and found it to look much better than the one drawn in White chalk and a black charcoal pencil (Left).