Google Doodle


Over the past six sessions I was required to undertake the ‘Google Doodle Challenge’.

To create a “Google Doodle” I had to base it on a particular Artist. I chose Guy Denning because it allowed me to experiment with photoshop effects and textures to bring a graffiti, rough appearance.

  1.  I chose one of his famous charcoal newspaper pieces because of the textures and dark tones. I decided to use his image of a fallen angel, placing him inbetween the two O’s. The charcoal O to the right represents it being burnt from the wall, where the O is now located as a Halo among the angels head.
  2. I kept with the theme of charcoal blacks to give a very melancholic apppearance. I think I conveyed this well as the tones match that of the fallen angels’ woeful pose.

The Artist presentation was presented to my group at the end of the task and included short biographical information, alongside examples of Guy Denning’s work and my opinions of it.

Websites such as helped me with gaining inspiration as these were previous winners and designs for the Google Logo.


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