Cinema 4d: Lighthouse

In Cinema 4d I had to create a lighthouse, which would be the main focus. The lighthouse had to be given a purpose and so, we were tasked to create an environment of our choice featuring the lighthouse.

My first attempt at modelling the lighthouse turned out to be awful. It looked more like a chess piece than a lighthouse, with its pudgy structure. To the left, I had also been  experimenting with textures and began to add land to expand the environment. I realised that not only the lighthouse but the textures were not suitable for a lighthouse, after thinking it resembled tinfoil.

The image on the right was another attempt of a lighthouse, this one I would use in my environment where I would start again. Overall, this is a much better model of a lighthouse, it is thinner and taller with a pointed roof which resembled it.

Here was my lighthouse in its earliest stages. I have already began adding in scenery such as water, land and even a moon. This stage was about the environment, using comon objects and modifying to my genre. Such as a the moon, which is comon on many planets but altering the colour to a purple adds an unusual aspect. As if life has evolved, or humans have  colonised another planet.

Either scenario represents a Sci-fi genre, hinting that this is a planet elsewhere and an advanced civilisation lives among it. The texture on the lighthouse is much more suitable, using red and white stripes to resemble one. Despite having the requirements of an environment I wanted to convey a story or include more visual elements that gave the impression of a Sci-fi scene.

Below is the final creation of my environment, which initially was a movie I created after rendering. From the environment above I can see more visably the Sci-fi approach, including flying vehicals, ancient buildings which would show a sense of history of the civilisation. I thought it would even illustrate a pre-apocalypse and how a civilisation rebuilt the world having a few suriving buildings from the last who roamed it.

In the movie the light in the Lightouse is moving, alongside the hovering vehical which transports from one end of the scene to the other. The camera movement also shows the environment from the lighthouse perspective.

The reflection of the buildings give a perspective of distance and not far from the small islands lies a more advanced structures to explore.









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