Cinema 4D: Typography

Sketch Typography

Inspired by Cicin’s Octopus illustration I wanted to re-create one of his pieces using Digital Techniques. Previous to my ‘S’ shaped blue-ball point pen drawing. I used another letter of the Alphabet this time which still was curvy to create as an Octopus tentancle.

I chose the letter ‘R’ as it gave me an opportunity to experiment with shapes and how I could re-create the letter. These sketches were drawn on Photoshop, using a Graphics Tablet.

sketch 1

I gradually added vivid tones of blue to represent the the colours that Cicin had included. To make this appear influenced by Digital Art, darker tones of navy and white were heavily placed as shapes to reflect Geometry and to mimic the Abstract Art movement.

sketch 2.png

My design on Photoshop then inspired me to create a glass window on Cinema 4D. I had originally wanted to create a letter reflecting as a shadow onto a wall but then decided to go with something more vibrant.

Above I experimented with lighting, I would modify the lighting and scenary around the glass window to add realism. I modeled two chairs, alongside a desk  to create a simplistic scene. Several lightings, three spotlights, two with volumetric were used to create soft shadows. The remaining lights were behind the scene, illuminating the stained glass window in a variety of colours which would reflect onto the objects in front.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 08.54.33




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