Cinema 4D: Vehicle Design

The Spinneret

I created a A3 sized sheet on Photoshop annotating the uses of my vehicle. From above it is evident that its transportation is based on water. Originally it was going to be a large ship, however I have condensed the size and made it narrower so it is able to go in much smaller areas such as caves and rivers.

Making it smaller made its purpose and the areas it could go into more varied. The task was to create a vehicle which had a purpose. Mine was based on a home condensed ship, with two platforms that are transitional.

Each wing has a different purpose, the right has accommodated a small shelter. Where a life boat is installed, alongside other equipment of the kind. The Left wing is a Jacuzzi that heats the water that flows into the net. This is a Eco-friendly as water is recycled and it does not emit any pollution.

The nets are for capturing food, if the people on board are expecting to be on the ship for long periods of time. This way they can self sustain themselves. It also can work for scuba diving. The other net is made from steel and is used mainly as a cage. This would be used to protect the person if any dangerous aquatic discoveries approach them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.32.20

The purpose of my ship was to be apart of a game. Used by biologists and architects to explore surroundings and would be able to hold a team of 2 -4 people. For inspiration we were made to draw observation drawings of insects on A3. I decided to draw many sketches of different parts of the insects. I focused on the wing cases and patterns that I might have been inspired to use as a colour scheme towards my vehicle.

The insects gave me ideas for an appearance. Initially I had wanted a vehicle that had a shelter that was inspired by a Beetle shell. However, when it came to sketching I found a design I was interested in creating.

I wanted one to be based on water, as it gave me more opportunity to add things such as sails/wings/ whereas land based objects consist of the same parts such as wheels etc.

These were the midway stages of creating my ship on Cinema 4D. It’s symmetrical which reminds me of an insect that has an even amount of legs/eyes/wings.  I thought the planes extending from the ship reminded me of what might be the wings or legs of the body.

I’ve ensured that there is stairway for easy access, alongside railings which will help prevent any incidents of going overboard. The heavy part of the ship will include space for living  and a control area. Above there will be a ladder ascending to the top of the ship, lifeguards or the navigator has a better view.

Here is a gif of the making to final stages of my vehicle:




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