Artist Research: Ray Cicin

Ray Cicin is an illustrator who was inspired to create his work based on his graphic-designer friends discouraging comments on ball-point pens. After collecting several hundred blue pens he found discarded, created an aquatic image to an enormous scale.

The piece is inspired by German naturalist Ernst Haeckel’s famous illustration of squid and octopi, and is part of Cicin’s on-going Deep Blue series.

I wanted to re-create one of his pieces but manipulate one of his peices into typography. I found ‘S’ to be a suitable letter to use reasonably to create a octopus tentancle as Ray Cicin had done.

The outcome was satisfactory, after using blue ballpoint pen and a Japanse Ink pen as the background brought both images into the foreground. It was interesting using pen to create a variety of tones and textures to convey a watery appearance.

On the full octopus drawing, I find I over used the pinks and should have dilouted them to a purple so it would compliment and stick to the blue ball-point theme.



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