Artist Research: Mc Bess (Matthieu Bessudo)

He was born July 5th, 1984 and is a French illustrator who currently lives in London. His style is a mix of influences between Fleishcer Studios’ old cartoons and contemporary shapes, symbols and types that modernises his work.

There was no information describing what media he uses to create his creations but my observation suggests paper and then redraws over them using graphic programs like Adobe Illustator and Photoshop.

Due to the old genre of cartoons he attempts to replicate the concept or some of his creations on paper to match the media used back in that era. It could be recreated using Ink Brushes, Black Biros and Pencils to add a variety of shades. He could then use digital media, such as a tablet to refine the hues or design.

I especially find his illustrative texts to be the most interesting due to the extreme detail that decorate the area inside of the text. It appears to be created with a majority of banners, wood and skeletons given it a sailor, Pop-eye sort of resemblance.

It relates to my previous work, as he creates his own type font so he is able to sell and produce in magazines and merchandise. I recently had to experiment and create my own typography on A3 and had to represent words visually. Using his work will inspire me to use different medias and try multiple typography or illustrations to create an illusion of a letter or number.


My favourite illustration has to be the one above t as it incorporates a series of his typography throughout the illustration.

He uses perspective to convey a 3D text as if the word “Never Hide” has been carved out of wood behind the tattooed individual. Researching this typography illustrator has allowed me to think about how text can paint the overall atmosphere or message of the piece.



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