Observational Object Drawings

At the beginning of the course I was tasked to draw home appliances from observation. These were typical household items that could be found in a home, such as keys, can opener, a plug and kitchen utensils such as forks and spoons.

I had difficulties with time management, so I gave myself an approximate 30 minutes for one sketch. This would allow me to finish the sketches quickly, but learn to observe from impulse than spend a long period of time picking over details. It was very difficult for me to do that, as I wanted to make sure the proportions were correct but I had learnt to be less caring of the quality which allowed me to experiment with more media.

Above are the sketches. I had began with a simple pencil drawing with little shading and detail this served more of a warm up, as the rest I find to be to a higher quality. I used different media for each drawing, gradually working from pencil to Biro alongside water colours and Tipex to highlight areas.

Each drawing served as practice, such as the can-opener was a line drawing, helping me improve using Biro and drawing accurately as possible without being able to erase. My favourite is the kitchen utensils that are in a cup of water. I have used watercolours to add tones and the dark colours make it easier to view. The metal and water looks more realistic as the reflection has been included to give an appearance of metallic.



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