Splash ID

I was assigned to create a Splash ID that reflected personal attributes of my character in a series of thirty-two cells. In those cells there would be unique creations produced from a variety of digital Medias and Programs. This would be to represent my extensive skills to any future employers that may want a quick overview of my capable abilities.

The objective of this assignment was to create an ID that expressed who you were, with minimum indications to others who would see it. The cells purpose was not designed to act as a picture frame, but as a snippet of a larger photo for others to consider and interpretive.

Mind Map

Andies Work Mind Map 2.jpg

Before I began constructing my Splash ID, I created a mind map to contain my thoughts so I was able to select what I wanted to use for the cells. The approach for my Mind Map would be neat with bullet points as I am an organised person and decided it was better to read than the standard appearance of a Mind Map that consists of expanding lines and cloud bubbles.

I structured the bases of my Mind Map into five separate columns; Characteristics, Location, Ambitions, Inspirations and Hobbies.  I asked a variety of individuals who knew me to tell me their observations of me, so I was able to include more traits on my Aspects of Character. The rest of the information came from exploring my surroundings such as outside to gain information to where I live and my bedroom.

Overall, I did not find my mind map to be very inspiring due to most of the ideas being too uninteresting or difficult to convey and create. Most of the images on my Splash ID were either thought of after the creation of my Mind Map or inspired from other platforms of my Social Media such as Spotify and Instagram.

Creating the Splash ID

(Insert photo of blank In Design Cell Guideline Screenshot)

While I was collecting images inspired from my Mind Map, I was spontaneously creating the thirty-two cells on Adobe InDesign. This gave me an outline on the size of the cells and whether or not I wanted a border between each one or not. Knowing the base was prepared gave me more time to research, take photos and draw the images that would be placed in the cells.

Adobe Photoshop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used a variety of tools to create the work that would go into my Splash ID. One of my creations was photographed from a bathbomb exploding. I found it interesting to include this because the texture does not suggest water and appears jagged, unless speculated closely.

I achieved this outcome by using Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the photograph. The Adjustments panel would help me with simple editing of the image, such as the brightness and exposure.

I wanted the photograph to be more visible so I choose to use Exposure and Channel Mixer. This aloud me to quickly manipulate the image to darken the colours or make the image feel warmer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Search Engines helped me gather some images such as a game logo that I frequently play. Even though nobody would know this game among my peers I decided to take this image and manipulate it. This was because it would appear less evident that it was a game and conveyed that I do enjoy games.

With the ‘’Adjustment’’ window from Photoshop, I used the ‘’Brightness/Contrast’’ scale to adjust the volume of the image. Doing this allows me to quickly erase the image transparent so it is easier to add images under the layer or edit.

Doing this also benefits me, as there is less detail in the writing, making it quicker for me to select and delete.

As seen below, the Lasso tool automatically selected the rest of the text so I could easily edit or dispose of it.

In the same image I have also used the ‘’Magic Eraser Tool’’ to select and quickly erase the white background.

After the text was erased I inverted the selection so it would highlight the dragon. I inverted the colour until it was a block colour and also used the ‘’Clone Stamp’’ to duplicate the areas that were missing.


I then added a red background with a rugged texture overlayed to give a material appearance. When imported on my Splash ID the first impression many would assume would confuse it for being the Welsh Dragon.

Adobe Illustrator


This is one of my favourite designs I have created for my Splash ID despite its simplicity. It is inspired based on the Minimalism Art Movement and will make the viewer question the interpretation of it.

The artist Tata & Friends uses simple symbols to represent characters; movies and band names that influenced me to create this.

Adobe Illustrator has a series of tools I could use and have already learnt to recreate a simple illustration like the artist I was inspired by.


The snowflake is often associated with cold weather and the play button is frequently recognised. I saw these symbols to be easy to create and represented

On a separate layer I traced over a Clip Art image of a Snowflake using the ‘’Pen Tool’’ and did exactly the same with the triangle.


Throughout creating my cells, I came across inspiration through a variety of sources; mainly secondary sources such as search engines. The internet gave me access to explore and discover unknown artists and was majorly the foundation of my inspiration.

Tata & Friends

Tata & Friends are a collaborative Design Studio in Spain and are dedicated to enforcing recognition to brands. Despite their lack of information on their official website, they have a large quantity of artwork inspired by the Minimalism art movement in which caught my interest.


Their most recognisble artwork are dedicated to bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Iron and Wine, Green Day etc and are portrayed with simplistic illustrations like the example on the left.

I incorporated their artwork into one of my own cells and created it with Adobe Illustrator to produce something similar. I decided not to use their vibrant hues and associated my design with cold hues to represent the theme of ‘Coldplay’’.

Adobe Illustrator

My second Adobe Illustrator creation was a silhouette of a common drawing program, which would be used to represent my Digital Art and my creativity.

It was more difficult to create as it resulted in being more time consuming to produce than the first.

The image seen  (Right) below was the one I used to trace and reference from. However, because this required more work I created another layer and placed guidelines (rulers) around the image to know the height and width.

Shape tools such as the Ellipse was used for the base of the logo. In which using the ‘’Pathfinder’’ to unite and cut away chosen areas using the black and white selection tool arrows.

Other Creations (Art Programs, Traditional Media etc.)


One of my chosen cells is dedicated to my favourite characters. I created this using Paint Tool Sai and used a variety of layers to add atmosphere and gradual tones. The purpose of this composition was to evoke emotion and perspective as it focuses us on the attention of an individual in the backdrop. To make this evident I considered illuminating the individual to separate her from the crowd.

As an artist, this was one of my proudest digital art compositions I have ever produced and something I wanted to present on my Splash ID. It has even been featured on websites and won competitions against over 500 entries.

Using this in my cell represents my achievements, favourite characters and my journey as an artist.

I positioned only a fraction of the image into the cell to create mystery while it was besides another drawing. My goal in this was to make an illusion that it was one person and the illustration below was the body.

These were in fact snippets of different areas of each character and were included to showcase different aspects of my own personality; Defensive (Knight), Observant (Eyes) and Artistic (hands are usually associated with creative talents).


Guy Denning

More information here; https://shannonlawes.wordpress.com/guy-denning/

The majority of his canvases use a variety of colour and mix-media and his focus of interest is usually people. He begins with a dark ground, usually brown or grey thinned pained. Then using compressed charcoal or conte pastel to highlight the sources of shadows.

What appeals visually to me about his work are the powerful brush strokes and scratches of the paint he creates bringing out the composition.  He influenced my artwork by helping me begin to consider the qualities and facial expressions on the characters and much like surrounding areas on Guy Denning’s creations are often blank or shapes. I limited the detail in the background of my work to highlight the focus on the characters. I also took into the consideration the tones he chooses and included a selection of pinks around the nose and cheeks to create a desolated, warm grunge appearance.

Traditional Media

Among taking photos, Search Engines, Digital Media and Graphic Tablets to produce work for my cells there were also traditional works involved.


Originally, there was no character on this piece of work and was a Van Gogh inspired piece made with black, blue and green embroidery thread.

It wasn’t until I was inspired by Kris Tate’s work did I use Photoshop to use a watercolour painting to experiment with effects digitally.

I wanted to incorporate this design because it symbolises the transition of the moons, which influences my interest for Astrology. Using Kris Tate’s work also reflects Aztec patterns and my ability to create a mono-print appearing image using digital Overlay and Burn effects.


Kris Tate


Kris Tate’s artwork is inspired among the modern design that includes manipulating images of animals on a series of patterns influenced by Aztec culture.

The vibrancy of the harsh shapes and beautiful bright colours contrast against the naive looking, dark bear that tilts its head upwards as though a story is unraveling around the animal. Her artwork would be pleasant to use, as I like the variety of shapes involved within the work and could create using other shapes such as spirals.


Creating my Splash ID has resulted me in learning and working with new media. It has allowed me to place my already existing knowledge with Adobe programs, drawing and textiles to represent myself in a unique light.

I am more or less pleased with my time management, creations and the way I have stuck with the hues red, blue and purple for consistency in my Splash ID theme.

There are some cells that if I had the opportunity I would change and perhaps replace with other hobbies or location of where I live instead of the majority reflecting my personality. Although I felt egotistical with the making of my ID, I have not only advanced my knowledge on Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop but realised the aspects of my own character.


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