Guy Denning

I researched this artist for my Google Doodle assignment. I had to incorporate an artists design and create a logo for the world’s popular search engine.

The majority of his canvases use a variety of colour and mix-media and his focus of interest is usually people. He begins with a dark ground, usually brown or grey thinned paint. Then using compressed charcoal or conte pastel to highlight the sources of shadows.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 14.12.17.png Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 14.12.10.png

The key colours that are among his work are Black, Naples, Ochre and Lemon Yellows, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Red and White.  When the basic painting is completed and dried. Guy Denning will use glaze (oil paint/vanish) to hold the pigment more rigidly for a newspaper grunge appearance. The last layer is a pure white used for highlighting light sources, this will bring out a stronger contrast in his work.

What appeals visually to me about his work are the powerful brush strokes and scratches of the paint he does to bring out the composition. Which gives a grunge, desolate textured appearance. It inspires me to create work that engages the viewer in a emotional voyage through my own work.

Below is the page I have created based on my research on Guy Denning; I used newspaper as a background to reflect a politic stance that Guy Denning usually includes in his own work. It compliments my sketchbook well, as the text appears ripped and sketchy, much like my own artwork.

guy denning artist research.png



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