Observation Drawing

Sid & Nancy:

One of the first things we had to draw was of two skeletons called ‘Sid’ and ‘Nancy’. The entire class would sit around the perimeter of the class, observing the Skeletons from different viewpoints.

I first began illustrating the parts of the body that I thought I was the most experienced at so I drew the face and neck area. As I grew more confident in my work, I began experimenting with different media such as Tippex, Water, Ink and Biro to bring contrast and to show the variety of tones and shading that was on the Skeleton.

Overall I found this to be very informative and I had learnt much about anatomy. I’m pleased with the outcomes from these sketches as they took only two hours to complete both pages. Though, in future I would like to attempt different perspectives such as lying down or sitting to add variety to my work.


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